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Why did we choose Komodo over Ethereum and Neo?

Utrum is a new platform that rewards members for Crypto Reviews, Analysis and Market Predictions with $OOT tokens. It is a network that connects Crypto Investors, Novices, Developers and Crypto Analysts. The platform is powered by crowd wisdom and Artificial Intelligence.

Utrum has chosen Komodo as our Blockchain platform over Ethereum, Neo, and many others because of the impressive white-labeled solutions offered by Komodo Platform.

Komodo Platform’s White-Label Blockchain Solution

  • Komodo provides independent block chain and Utrum is not dependent on Komodo at any time…unlike other projects built and reliant upon ETH and NEO.
  • Komodo provides bitcoin level security for the Utrum asset chain using a delayed Proof of Work (dPOW) mechanism.
  • Komodo integrates $OOT (the Utrum token) directly into Agama, their multi-currency wallet and BarterDEX, their Decentralized exchange.
  • BarterDEX uses cutting-edge Atomic Swap technology which allows users to instantly and securely trade OOT with other coins, wallet-to-wallet.
  • Komodo’s “Freedom” approach allows Utrum to act independently in regards to fees, OOT to OOT transactions have a nearly zero 0.00001 transaction fee.
  • An independent, fully scalable, dPoW secure blockchain means Lightning fast transaction speeds (within seconds).
  • OOT transactions are protected by the privacy features of zk-snarks.
  • Komodo provides coin agnostic API for Utrum blockchain.
  • Utrum has it’s own blockchain explorer.
  • Komodo Decentralized ICO — In a DICO, the sale is performed within the dICO exchange app using electrum servers. The sale process is completely decentralized without any point of failure. Every contribution is performed “wallet-to-wallet”. Vulnerabilities such as a Smart Contract being hacked; an attacker changing the Contract address on a website; and other attacks Ethereum ICOs have suffered, are eliminated. This is because everything happens on the blockchain using Atomic Swaps. When an individual invests in the dICO, the transaction occurs between the OOT Blockchain and the Blockchain they are buying from (e.g. BTC, KMD, BCH, etc) and is performed directly from the buyers wallet.

The Process

Let’s walk through the process of setting up the Utrum blockchain using the white label Komodo Platform solution.

Step 1 — Creating Utrum Asset Chain

Within just a few hours, we created our own Utrum blockchain and mined our genesis block.

Step 2 — Setup Explorer

Once the chain was created, we built an intuitive explorer using ready made scripts.

OOT Explorer

Step3 — BarterDex Integration

Utrum token $OOT is now fully integrated into BarterDex. We quickly made some successful Atomic Swaps to test our blockchain. Listing a token in Barterdex is free and empowers the decentralized community.

OOT Atomic Swap Test

You can see OOT Atomic Swaps recorded here:

Step 4— Securing the Blockchain

At this point, we have our own token (OOT), the Utrum blockchain, the OOT blockchain explorer, and are listed on BarterDEX, the decentralized exchange. It’s time to secure the Utrum blockchain. Komodo offers a notary process using the dPOW (delayed proof of work) mechanism.

Notarizing to Komodo is a very small fee of 330 KMD per year and put simply, provides a regular “snapshot” backup of our blockchain to the Komodo established blockchain…which is then backed up to the Bitcoin blockchain.

This provides 2 layers of security against the most secure blockchain in the world, while allowing all the freedom of an independent blockchain.

Step 5 — Agama

OOT is integrated into Agama multi-currency wallet

Step 6— Token Sale (10 May 2018)

OOT is being integrated into Komodo’s dICO app for the Utrum token sale, fast approaching.

Steps for You 🙂

We want to invite you to the party! If you haven’t already, give BarterDEX a try and create your own OOT wallet following these steps: Setup OOT wallet

If you’d like to participate in the Utrum OOT dICO, join our White List and connect to us on social media to say hello!

Click Here to Join the Utrum dICO White List

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