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Utrum Token Transparency Report

At Utrum we believe our most valuable currency is Trust.

And as we build a platform for trust in cryptocurrency, we believe in the importance of demonstrating our trustworthiness as a project and team.

It is in this spirit we are reporting on both our foundation status and Utrum OOT Token distribution and locking funds in light of our upcoming Crowdsale May 10.

Utrum Foundation Cayman Islands Official Registration

Official as of April 24, 2018, Utrum is now registered as Utrum Foundation in the Cayman Islands. Details of this registration can be found at the Cayman Islands government companies registry search portal here.

OOT Token Distribution and Time-locking

In this Transparency Report we’ve outlined the precise breakdown of OOT distribution which has now been completed as we prepare for the ICO.

We encourage you to compare our distribution chart with the transactions following. Each transaction has a description for you to compare with the chart and a link to the actual transaction on the OOT Blockchain.

In addition, we’ve linked the source code used in the locking mechanism for funds locked, e.g. team tokens, as well as the timestamps so you can see the exact time of each applicable time-lock.

If you have any questions about this report please reach out to us on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, or our Helpdesk!

If you are planning on participating in our ICO, commencing May 10, 2018, please register on the Utrum Whitelist. Our whitelist is limited to 1,000 members after which point our Public Sale is the only other opportunity to participate.

Planned Token Distribution Chart

Before we get into the report and list of actual transactions carried out on the OOT Blockchain, for your reference following is the chart of our planned Token Distribution Budget.

As of May 5, 2018 we have executed this plan, details, amounts, and transaction links for your reference and complete transparency are found later in this post.

Relevant Token Basics
– Token Symbol: OOT
– Token Classification: Utility
– Token Blockchain: Utrum Asset Chain, Komodo/zk-snarks Fork
– Total Supply: 216,000,000 (+ mining rewards @ 0.0001 OOT)

Token Breakdown

As you can see in the chart, the breakdown of token distribution is as follows. Please note, the 1% for the SuperNET Private Sale is drawn out of the 23% for Crowdsale. Numbers are based on the Total Supply of 216,000,000 OOT.

  • Content Rewards Reserve: 108,000,000 (50%)
  • Development Team: 32,400,000 (15%)
  • Operations Reserve: 21,600,000 (10%)
  • ICO Tokens: 47,520,000 (22%)
  • Bounty and Referral Tokens: 4,320,000 (2%)
  • SuperNET Private Sale: 2,350,000 (1%)

Unlocked Token Distribution Transactions

The following completed transactions have distributed OOT tokens which are NOT subject to a time-lock. All amounts/percentages are relative to the OOT Total Supply of 216 Million tokens.

50% of Total Supply = Platform Contributors / Content Rewards Reserve
– 108,000,000 OOT : RLK5DyHCUpzoEGQqWMK64E82mfzfL7USTe

23% of Total Supply = Crowdsale and SuperNET Private Sale
– 28,371,549 OOT (seed node) :RRLgECWYKg5mAvwCrzeWkXF3PfhCSyRRiU
– 4,999,420 OOT (node 1) : RSbpce5F2gQupxRosZKNmxK6RTdpCWoicJ
– 2,000,000 OOT (node 2) : RKbkuoEhWBiAVTYiWKqpCs2Boyx23uYBd1
– 2,000,000 OOT (node 3): RLJcsT6w57d66WcdDB1Hkf5E7P39goLGDn
– 2,000,000 OOT (node 4) : RWpELnQfxM6rr2XnPeYPb7734YLtzJPira
– 2,000,000 OOT (node 5) : RWZ2eW5feJDWfSXB56ozY329zM9YCxJJ4Q
– 2,000,000 OOT (node 6) : RKiTxv5PKjKT995r4xHvVTj17PgsQW9mLT
– 2,000,000 OOT (node 7) : RK2ChJoDmvUuzAuCa5fVq3URTrvT2j23oh
– 2,000,000 OOT (node 8) : RBNmgWhPoXQUiLxtfUeJmyVUYB5mhasH7i
– 2,350,100 OOT (SuperNET): RRyyejME7LRTuvdziWsXkAbSW1fdiohGwK

1% of Total Supply = Pre-Sale Bounty Partner Escrow
– 2,160,020 OOT : RKh8HGuHbf9MZhoG82EufL3n2xTTPaRghk

1% of Total Supply = Referral Tokens, Contests, BarterDEX Testing, etc
– 2,100,685 OOT : RHiFQ9bvVJQzMNCzLTkGHJt8CrkDHGA4HL
– 64,800 OOT: TXs After Rank 17

Stox Prediction Partner — REVvZczTWjH4sEHEVYT2mLavdK7vBNJoNQ

Time-locked Token Distribution Transactions

The following completed transactions are distributed OOT tokens which ARE time-locked. One of the key signifying marks of a time-locked wallet is the wallet address, which begins with a “b” when time-locked.

Each transaction can be verified below with the associated “b” wallet address and time-lock release date, according to our token lock schedule. We screen recorded the lock session and have posted the video below for full transparency of timestamps and expiration placed on each transaction.

Token Time-Locks (Calculated from May 5, 2018)
The following time-lock schedules have been invoked as of May 5, 2018 and as seen in the following screen capture.

  • Operations Reserve:
    700 Days (Released Apr 2020)
  • Development Team:
    (33% Released Per Release Round)
    Round 1 — Released Nov 2018
    Round 2 — Released Oct 2019
    Round 3 — Released Oct 2020

Of the Total Supply of OOT, 25% is being time-locked (54,000,000 OOT) as follows.

15% of Total Supply = Development Team

The Developer Team tokens are released according to our schedule found
– 10,800,000 OOT : Nov 2018 : bXeNVjepMXtX8LCmUd5FQHdgPpYZHXGkfs
– 10,800,000 OOT : Oct 2019 : bSKFwLKU3Z2xbZQiw3qwjqVthC86uZsPHb
– 10,800,000 OOT : Oct 2020 : bKdvjbokWTBHXF7AB1j3rzxUYWR7NcW3vC

10% of Total Supply = Operations Reserve

– 21,600,000 OOT : Apr 4, 2020 : bHf8fz9XsxVfrSy83MpMYFfqfAC3HaS6fN

Time-lock Mechanism Used

Utrum’s OOT token is built on a Komodo forked blockchain. Utilizing the CLTV Timelock feature our team has sent OOT funds to time-locked wallets…signified with a leading “b” for each wallet address…according to our time-lock schedules.

In performing this function our founder Sridhar Panasa executed each time-lock function using command line interface, as seen in the screen recording above. For those who want to dig deeper and take a look at the code behind the scenes on this time lock, to verify authenticity and ensure the time-lock function is performed in an irreversible way, you may access the source code at the following GitHub by Komodo Platform.

BarterDex CLI Source Code

Time-lock Function

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via our Helpdesk or one of our social channels. We hope you’re as excited as we are for the fast-approaching pre-sale on May 10!

If you have not yet registered, don’t forget to get on our Whitelist at

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