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Utrum Softcap Reached

On Wed (June 13) a private investor purchased 4.3 Million OOT, closing the gap on our soft cap! Our decentralized crowdsale is now at $1.14 Million USD raised and our next target is the Hard Cap of $5 Million. The Korean private investor self-described “crypto enthusiast” joins the list of private investors as “Goldenman.”

Public Crowdsale Extended to July 4th, 2018

In the interest of some additional talks with other private investors and to keep OOT available for more DICO participants who may be a little late to the party, Utrum has decided to extend our public crowdsale an additional 2 weeks. This means you can still experience the world’s 2nd ever DICO, test out the AtomicSwap tech making it possible, and get your hands on some discounted OOT until July 4th, 2018.

Exchange Listing

Utrum will be listed on exchanges in the month of July.

To learn more about participating and how you can try out our “grandma friendly” dapp, visit

Altcoin Fantasy + Utrum = Free Crypto Sim Contest

Altcoin Fantasy, the best free crypto trading simulation in the market, partnered up with Utrum this past week to bring a fun, free contest!

Participants can win up to $2,000 in OOT token prizes now until June 20. To learn all about it and join in the fun, visit:

More Visibility

Utrum has now been listed on BitSnapp and Blockfolio mobile apps. This past week we were also mentioned in Entrepreneur, CryptoVest, and CoinWorldStory.

Happening Now: 15% Discount!

In case you have not yet got your hands on some OOT or experienced just how easy and fun our DICO experience is, you still have few days to participate and get the 15%

Login Now to Download the DICO App and Buy OOT

Come to try out our new OOTdapp, get the 15% discount, and see what all the excitement is about!  We are on Telegram 24/7 and happy to hear from our community and provide support if at all needed.

Thank you for being such a supportive community,

~Utrum Team

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