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Two Weeks Left in Utrum OOT Public Crowdsale

On July 4th the Utrum OOT Public Crowdsale will complete. Just one week ago we hit our target Soft Cap of $1Mil USD when a private investor purchased over 4.3Mil OOT tokens. You can read about it here.

But we don’t want to skim over the incredible support we’ve received so far from our community in the many hundreds of smaller dICO purchases of OOT!  If it weren’t for our community and those who see the vision of Utrum, we wouldn’t be where we are now…so THANK YOU!

Still Time to Join the Fun and Get Some OOT!

Now we are closing in on the final two weeks with our Hard Cap of $5Mil USD as the next goal we’d love to achieve.

If you would like to participate and see just how straight forward and simple a dICO is, jump over to our Token Sale page and follow the steps for participating today.

Easy, Secure, Simple and Truly Decentralized ICO

We have a slick “grandma-friendly” dApp that can be used to trade KMD, BTC or LTC for OOT tokens directly and at the fixed Crowdsale price of just $0.102/OOT.

When you participate in the Utrum Crowdsale you are participating in a truly decentralized ICO…there are no intermediaries, centralized management companies, or smart contracts controlling the process.  It’s direct, over the counter trading of tokens…wallet-to-wallet.  This is a process called Atomic Swap and is one of the most revolutionary technologies in blockchain, with our friends at Komodo Platform leading the way.

Soft Cap Met: Utrum Looking Forward to Next Steps

With our soft cap met we are now in the early stages of interviewing and hiring a world-class dev team and ramping up to deliver on our roadmap.  This is an exciting and busy time for us and we hope you have had the opportunity to get involved.

To learn more about what we are doing, how to participate and any other questions feel free to join the conversation at Telegram and join the crowdsale at

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