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Thank You for a Successful ICO!

Utrum completes DICO, Surpasses Soft Cap, and Hires New CTO!

With the help of you, our supportive community, we are grateful and proud to announce the successful completion of our DICO!

We’ve made incredible strides in just over a month’s time, including a crypto-history first of listing on CoinMarketCap in the first 24 hours of our pre-sale, the world’s second DICO to successfully surpass our soft-cap, and early listing on major apps like BlockFolio, GetDelta. We are also now listed on, and our ICO just ended.

And now we are excited to announce the addition of a new CTO.

More on that in a moment, first a little recognition where it’s due.

Our Amazing Community

As is the nature of decentralized crowd funding, it’s thanks entirely to our amazing community that we successfully fund-raised and are able to launch Utrum to move forward as planned. As many of you are aware, Utrum is the world’s second truly decentralized ICO, utilizing Komodo’s “Atomic Swap” technology to allow direct…wallet-to-wallet…trading of KMD, BTC, BCH, LTC for OOT tokens.

And it was a total success. From small to very large contributions, we are truly grateful for every participant! Thank you.

Our Private Investors

We also want to show gratitude to our private investors who dug especially deep and gave us that extra “oomph” to get over the threshold and reach our soft-cap early. In addition to the belief in what we are doing as demonstrated by all our ICO community support, we also had two private investors step up to show their support and strong belief in our project.

The first was SuperNet, one of the largest crypto investment funds who purchased 2.1 Million OOT. The second was a private individual from Korea, who is simply known as “GoldenMan”.

Our Advisor JL777

Behind the scenes of SuperNet is our Advisor. JL777 (James Lee) is also lead developer of Komodo Platform, the brains behind the revolutionary dPoW mechanism that sets Komodo (and Utrum’s OOT) apart from the other blockchains, and many other groundbreaking developments in blockchain.

Aside of JL777’s many technical accomplishments, his support of Utrum from day one has been instrumental in helping this project find its footing.

When Utrum’s founder Sridhar Panasa first came up with the concept of our crypto trust platform, JL777 was behind the project 100% and helped Sri and the small team get the first steps in place and form the framework for what we are now developing.

So a very special thank you to Komodo and JL777, without you we wouldn’t be here!

Meet Andrew Dubinsky, Utrum’s New CTO!

Utrum Signs New CTO, Andrew Dubinsky

July 1, 2018 Utrum signed on our new CTO/Tech Lead, Andrew Dubinsky. Andrew’s work extends pre-blockchain into early cryptography technology and digital financial asset development. Most notably is the role he played in founding Encomia in 1999. He was instrumental in the development of digital assets, cryptography, as well as digital signatures and auditing for many fortune 500 and smaller financial institutions including Wells Fargo, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae.

An entrepreneur within financial technology systems, Andrew holds two patents for digital document auditing and SMART Doc processing. He has been featured in Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Mortgage Technology Magazine and many others.

His diverse and cutting-edge technical background, along with 20+ year-strong development expertise, are key in getting our project off the ground and running beginning day one of completing our DICO!

We are excited and proud to have Andrew joining us as our CTO/Tech Lead and project architect.

Hitting The Ground Running

With our CTO in place, we are now actively hiring our Development Team and putting the pieces in place for Utrum Alpha. There’s a lot of exciting pieces being put in motion right now and we look forward to keeping you, our community of supporters, in the loop every step of the way.

If you haven’t already, be sure to join our new Discord channel! You can join the conversation, ask questions, make suggestions and get the latest announcements as they come out.

Thank you again for being a part of this historical DICO!

Join Utrum on Discord:

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