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Still Mid-ICO, Utrum OOT Listed on

With One Week Remaining in Utrum’s Crowdsale, First Centralized Exchange Listing Means Christmas Come Early, Making OOT Available to All!

Utrum’s OOT token keeps making massive strides and breaking records in the cryptocurrency industry. Very apropos for a project being developed to set high standards for investors and other projects, within blockchain.

Utrum Listed on CoinExchange!

Today is no different as we proudly announce our first centralized exchange listing with

Trading will commence in 2 days, June 30 2018!

We are thrilled with the news and excited that this continues our goal of making our token widely available. Having OOT on a centralized exchange means everyone, regardless of ICO regulation, can now hold our token!

CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, Cheddur, CryptoPro, BitSnapp…

After being listed on CoinMarketCap in the first 24 hours of launching our Pre-Sale, we were grateful and surprised, setting a new record in Cryptocurrency history. But the excitement keeps coming!

We’ve now been listed on Blockfolio, CryptoPro, Bitsnapp, Cheddur, have reached our Soft Cap, are listed on BarterDex, and of course now CoinExchange.

Thank you to all our supporters and our amazing community. We continue to be delighted by your support and by the amazing strides our project is taking.

Utrum — Building a Trusted Platform for Crypto Investors

In case you aren’t familiar with Utrum, we are building a decentralized platform of trust and crowd wisdom, rewarding participants in our OOT token, and aiming to become THE hub for investors, newbies, and developers or projects to establish trust in a trustless environment.

Through the unique use of Crowd wisdom, mitigated with Ai and community governance, Utrum is building a revolutionary platform and community.

Our project is built on trust, we’ve been transparent from the start and continue to follow this principle in all our efforts and work, including our marketing. You won’t get hype from us, only facts and substantial results.

To learn more about our project and to participate in the decentralized ICO (live until July 4th!) please visit us at

Join us today!

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