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What is Utrum?

Utrum is a decentralized platform providing reputation-based and quality-curated Crypto reviews, analysis, and market predictions for cryptocurrency investors and newbies. The ecosystem is designed to reward participants in OOT tokens through an advanced implementation of crowd wisdom, AI, and member-elected “Trustees” who represent the best interests of the network.

Decentralized Platform

Decentralized Platform

Blockchain-based network of in-depth crypto reviews, analysis and information

Crowd Wisdom + AI

Crowd Wisdom + AI

Analysts and Artificial Intelligence helps members make smarter investments

Rewards Mechanism

Rewards Mechanism

Members are paid for reviews, analysis and market predictions

The Problem

The Cryptocurrency industry is one of the highest risk investment ecosystems available for the retail investor. Below we’ve identified several primary concerns and problems we seek to solve.

Crypto Investors

Crypto Investors

  • What is the tech? Is it sustainable?
  • Is it legitimate or an ICO Rush Scam?
  • Are Project developers credible and trustworthy?
  • Where to find trusted professional advice?
  • How to network with other investors / like-minded people?
Crypto Novice

Crypto Novice

  • Where to begin? Understanding the technical jargon (blockchain / decentralization / cryptocurrency / etc)
  • How to learn for the non-tech-savvy?
  • How do some people get 10X – 100X returns in Crypto?
  • How to quiet the noise and where to get quality information?
  • How to choose between the thousands of ICOs and Cryptos?
Crypto Developers

Crypto Developers

  • How to gain visibility in a rapidly growing, even crowded, market?
  • Innovative products and tech are lost in the noise and chaos.
  • Crypto forums are not ideal launching platforms for new projects.
  • Crypto Media is Pay for Play
Crypto Analysts

Crypto Analysts

  • No incentive to analyze and research projects.
  • No clear metrics for creating reports and feedback.
  • No defined community or established trust for sharing findings.

The Solution

In designing Utrum, we’ve mapped out some of the key components to solve these problems and provide a secure, robust, cheat-resistant system.

Solution 4

A comprehensive database of all crypto related products and services with team, product, news and market details.

Solution 9

Members can ask questions and get professional advice from Experts

Solution 5

Background checks of ICO/ Crypto developers by investigative analysts. Social Media, Search engine, domain checks of the team members including call and vouch.

Solution 1

Reviews and Ratings for Cryptocurrencies / Tokens / ICO and related crypto services.

Solution 11

Marketplace to buy and sell Crypto related services

Solution 3

Machine Learning Reputation system “Trust Factor ” will learn rating patterns and results as the community grows to avoid fraudulent practices.

Solution 6

Technical / Market / Educational crypto analysis by experts

Solution 8

Knowledge base with crypto articles and videos to educate Crypto Novice

Solution 7

Contributors and members are rewarded for their reviews and ratings with $OOT tokens. Analysts can earn tokens for in-depth tech and market analysis.

Solution 2

Reviews are populated by crowd wisdom and Artificial Intelligence

Solution 10

Networking place to meet other crypto enthusiasts

Solution 12

Institutional investors and other members can access in-depth technical analysis and market prediction analysis of Cryptos / ICOs with a premium subscription.

How It Works

Utrum brings together the best of both traditional business and agile crypto models, forming a platform which operates as “Freemium.” It is a revolutionary approach in which we share revenue generated by the platform with the user community. Utrum’s $OOT is the utility token powering this community. Here are a few of the features of Utrum

  1. The Platform will earn premium subscription revenue from institutional investors.
  2. The Platform will earn revenue from Crypto and ICO Developers
  3. The Utrum Marketplace for buying and selling crypto-related services will earn 1% in transaction fees for the Platform.
  4. The 5% APR Reward will help reduce inflation.
  5. The Platform will burn 15% of monthly revenue to reduce inflation.
  6. Contributor payouts will be locked for two (2) weeks before being released.






  • Members can ask Expert Advice
  • Premium subscription for in-depth tech and market analysis
  • Buy/ Sell crypto related services
  • Crypto/ ICO developers can access platform services


8 weeks vesting period.


  • 50%  – content rewards
  • 15% – tokens are burned
  • 10% – Monthly Loyalty Bounties
  • 25% – Infrastructure


  • 70% to reviews and analysis
  • 30% to ratings
  • 24 hours blindfold to see rating results.
  • 15 day payout to reduce inflation
  • Rewards will be given for 30 days after post date
  • If platform revenues are less, then reward pool will pay out

Wallets and Exchange

Agama Wallet

Utrum Coin OOT has integrated into Komodo Multi-currency wallet Agama.


BarterDex Exchange

Utrum Coin OOT is listed on Komodo Decentralized exchange BarterDex


Portal Mockups

Comparison Chart





SEPT 2017



OCT 2017



DEC 2017



FEB 2018



MAY 2018



JULY 2018



Q4 2018



Q1 2019

Alpha Release – Crypto Database, Networking Module, News Feed
Beta Release –  Review Module, Portfolio, Market Predictions Module

Team and Community


JL777 (Komodo Founder)

JL777 (Komodo Founder)

Blockchain Advisor

James Lee, AKA “JL777”, is the lead developer of Komodo Platform, a leader in Privacy, Decentralization, and Development with a market cap of over $500 Million. He is a strong advocate of privacy and liberty in its true essence. He is the pioneer of decentralized ICOs (dICO) which he developed to curb “whale manipulation” within crowd sales. His brainchild is BarterDEX, a fully functional decentralized exchange, powered by atomic swaps and electrum servers. He also developed the Komodo privacy coin using zk-snarks and Jumblr for anonymity, and innovated dPOW (delayed Proof of Work) which gives Bitcoin security to Komodo.


Sridhar Panasa

Sridhar Panasa

Founder - Project Lead

Sridhar has over 10 years of experience as a founder and CEO of Threat Intelligence company.

John Westbrook

John Westbrook

Content Manager

John has over 20 years of technology consulting, education, and development experience working with over 100 organizations and 40K students worldwide.

Kamil Dziarmaga

Kamil Dziarmaga

Community Manager

Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, passionate about performing high-level community management.
Experienced in customer service, finance, and accounting.

Pratap Patil

Pratap Patil

UI / UX Designer

Pratap has over 3 years of experience in graphic design and web development.

Maksym Logvinov

Maksym Logvinov

Full Stack Developer

Max is full stack developer with 3 years of experience.

Chris Maarseveen

Chris Maarseveen

Research & Development

Chris is involved in blockchain projects for 2 years. He is part of Komodo campaign team.

Onur Ozcan

Onur Ozcan

Growth Marketing

Onur has over 6 years of experience in marketing where he served global clients.



Blockchain Consultants

Chainmakers are the official blockchain consultants for Komodo Platform


J.P Soldat

J.P Soldat

French Ambassador

Decentralized Soldier. Blockchain Expert with 5 years of experience

Ahmed Dhen

Ahmed Dhen

Arabic Ambassador

Ahmed is an expert in the field of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, marketing, content management and project analysis for more than five years.

Lukas Mantinger

Lukas Mantinger

German Ambassador

Lukas is a Blockchain Enthusiast

Zafer IŞIK

Zafer IŞIK

Turkish Ambassador

Zafer has over 4 years of experience in VoD streaming service at Silicon Valley-based company. Studied philosophy and contributed to various projects as a specialist.

Mikhail Red

Mikhail Red

Russian Ambassador

Expert in the field of crypto-currencies, Blockchain technologies, marketing for more than 5 years.




Holds 1 % of Total Supply

SuperNet is one of the largest Crypto Investment Funds with a portfolio worth 10,000 BTC. SuperNet holds 1% of OOT total supply.

Our platform is people driven and community oriented to enhance safety and trust in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

Interested in our Project? We are a community project. We welcome you to join us.




Make investing user friendly with simple scores and ratings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What purpose does OOT Utrum Tokens serve?

OOT is the utility token of the Utrum Platform and used in a variety of ways such as:


  • Seeking expert advice
  • Accessing in-depth technology and market analysis of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, tokens, and other Crypto-products/services.
  • Buying and Selling crypto-related services within the Utrum Marketplace
  • Voting Power in community governance and decision making
  • Providing compliments for other members within Utrum

What are the benefits of buying or holding OOT tokens?

  • Members who hold (vest) their OOT for a period of 8 weeks, earn a 5% APR reward
  • Members who purchase OOT during the Crowd Sale will receive a 1-year free subscription to Utrum’s in-depth technology and market analysis after beta launch.
  • Institutional Investors who buy OOT tokens have access to premium subscription services within Utrum
  • ICO and Crypto developers who buy OOT tokens from other token holders will have access to Utrum platform services.

How many OOT tokens will be "minted"?

  • Pre-beta launch is 54 million circulating supply.
  • Total supply is 216 million and no new tokens minted thereafter.

What is the cap for the OOT token Crowd Sale?

25% of total supply (54 million) is assigned to the launch and crowd sale of Utrum. Of this 25% tokens, 2% is assigned to bounties and referrals, the remaining 23% available for the public crowd sale.

  • Soft Cap (minimum fundraising goal) is $1 million USD
  • Hard Cap (maximum available for sale) is $5 million USD

Who can participate in the OOT Crowd Sale?

Please check with your local government and regulations.

What is the minimum and maximum OOT a member may purchase during the ICO?

As we are using Atomic Swaps for our Token Sale, we have placed preset limits on the token min/max amounts. Minimum purchase of OOT is $60 USD equivalent and the maximum purchase is $60,000 USD equivalent according to the OOT ICO Exchange Rate of $0.12 USD / OOT.

How does Utrum's APR Reward work?

  • 5% APR is rewarded to token holders who have vested their OOT for a minimum of 8 weeks. Funds vested are auto-locked for the 8 week period of time after which the OOT is accessible.
  • APR Rewards will be given for 5 years.

How are team OOT tokens distributed?

  • 15% of the total supply is allotted for the Utrum team. These funds are initially locked and 33.33% of these locked funds are released each year, for the first 3 years.
  • The first token release is 6 months after the Crowd Sale (Nov 2018)
  • The second token release is Nov 2019
  • The third token release is Nov 2020

How does token burn works?

216 Million total supply. 15% of the platform monthly revenues will be burnt, till we reach 15% (32 Million) of total supply (216 Million), 184 Million tokens will be left after 15 % token burn. This might happen in 5 years depending on the platform growth. Example – If Platform makes a revenue of $100,000 USD in a month from buy/sell services, premium subscription, and ad revenues.

  • $100,000 * 0.50 = $50,000 worth OOT goes to reward payouts
  • $100,000 * 0.15 = $15,000 worth OOT gets burned
  • $100,000 * 0.25 = $25,000 worth OOT goes to infrastructure costs
  • $100,000 * 0.10 = $10,000 worth OOT goes to monthly loyalty rewards.

What is the OOT inflation rate?

Even though we have pre-mined, we have taken steps to control inflation. The rate of inflation is directly related to the growth of the platform.  Our inflation is based on the number of users and revenues. If we have no revenues at the start, then inflation is more but in this case, rewards also will be less as we have less number of users. If we have more number of users, the platform revenues will also increase and the inflation rate will be less as the rewards are paid from platform revenues.

What are Atomic Swaps?

Atomic swaps is a cutting edge technology that enables two parties to exchange cryptocurrencies from different blockchains in a trustless manner, which does not require the need of a third party or centralised intermediaries to make these swaps work. The whole exchange process is decentralized making it truly peer-to-peer. When an individual invests in the Utrum dICO, the transaction occurs between the OOT Blockchain and the Blockchain they are buying from (e.g. BTC, KMD, BCH, etc) and is performed direct from the buyers wallet.

How are you going to sustain utrum platform?

Utrum operates as a freemium model

  • $OOT is 100% utility token, not vaporware
  • Institutional Investors and Members need $OOT to subscribe premium features like in-depth Analysis and Market Predictions
  • Crypto and ICO Developers need $OOT to promote their content on the platform
  • Members need $OOT to seek expert advice
  • 15% of monthly platform revenues will be burnt
  • 5% APR is given to members for 8 weeks vesting period. APR is valid for 5 years.
  • Contributor funds will be released after a two-week lock period.

How can we earn OOT tokens?

  • Members can buy tokens in our crowdsale
  • Members can earn tokens by participating in our bounty and referral program
  • Members can earn OOT tokens for contributions like reviews, ratings, and analysis
  • Analysts can earn OOT tokens for in-depth tech and market analysis

How are you going to retain users in your platform?

Apart from content rewards, we also have planned monthly loyalty rewards for members to keep them engaged in our platform.

  • OOTER of the Month (OTM)

Every month, a contributor who has received the maximum number of ratings for their total reviews and ratings generated in that particular month will receive 5 % of the platform revenues as a monthly bounty. This will encourage members to participate every month and write quality reviews. Member once awarded OOTER of the month will not be eligible to receive the reward for next 12 months so that other members can be rewarded. The development team, support team, Trustees (Platform Moderators) are not eligible for the bounty.

  • OOT Resident Bounty (ORB)

A member is eligible for this bounty if their account is older than 3 months and has spent a minimum of 60 hours per month on the platform. The system will select a member randomly after checking the eligibility criteria. They will receive 5% of the platform revenues generated in that month. Member who has received this reward is not eligible for the rest of life. The development team, support team, Trustees (mods) are not eligible for the bounty.

Why did you set 10% for operation reserve?

We would need this reserve to scale up in terms of infrastructure and partnerships when we grow.

What does utrum mean?

utrum means “Whether” “or” in Latin. There can’t be a better name than utrum for a review portal where members decide this or that.

What is the significance of OOT?

utrum is pronounced as “Oothrum” in Latin. We have taken first 3 letters “OOT” for our token symbol. But we pronounce it as “you trum” normally 🙂 

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